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Blasts from the past!

Boa, Iceman, Paradog
From left to right: concentrates on kill, 's reaction to another victory, at award ceremony. (Click here for alternate version)

Grr, Wheel Chock
On the left: at his day job. On the right: among his favourite beasts.

Boa, 3-Fingers
On the left: crushes another victim. On the right: ' famous words.

Cobra, Sassy Red, Datso
From left to right: Boa's rum has an interesting reaction on Sassy Red, Datso cooling off.
Stinger, Orion, Momo
On the left: , the Wild and Crazy Guy! In the middle: and his own little wing On the right: , otherwise known as The Man.

sHall, Exile, AWulf
On the left: getting ready to reach for the sky, In the middle: and a pirate wench, On the right: models his flight suit, note the CMC patch!

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