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Blasts from the past!

Sassy, Dice
On the left: cleans off blood from her F4U, On the right: and Sue.

Sassy, Beluga, Boa, Trev
On the left: and her beloved Zero. Click here for full size photo by MiG Eater On the right: , , and in Montreal.

Boa, AWulf, Lemur
On the left: 's impersonation of a pilot, In the middle: and his flight instructor, Michael. On the right: feeling the smooth silky skin of the Marchetti... Mmmm.

Ssnif, Shirley, B, Boa; Ssnif
On the left: Ssnif (69th), Shirley, B, and after dinner, On the right: Ssnif, after a few drinks...

Trev, Lemur
On the left: Bond, James Bond, no wait, that's and his lovely better half! On the right: The terrible, fearsome, flying mammal that is .

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Cutthroats, send in your photos.