The Cutthroats Mercenary Company employs a complex network for communications and planning. The following tables shows the newsgroups that the CMC uses as the major part of this network:
Newsgroup Name and Link
Access Level
Public newsgroup designed for guests as well as Cutthroats
CMC Main Newsgroup
This is the main newsgroup used by all Cutthroats
Cutthroats only
Buccaneers Newsgroup CMC Buccaneers Squadron newsgroup, contains Bluebeard and Yellobeard sub-groups Cutthroats only
Swashbucklers Newsgroup CMC Swashbucklers Squadron newsgroup, contains Blackbeard and Redbeard sub-groups Cutthroats only
CMC Command and Staff
Planning and staff discussions happen here
Cutthroats Staff only
CMC Operations
Weekly operation plans and maps are posted here
Cutthroats only
CMC Cadets
A newsgroup for Cadets training for full Cutthroats membership status
Cadets and Cutthroats only
After Action Reports and other recollections of AW glory
Cutthroats only
Training This is MiG Eater's training newsgroup Cutthroats only
Attendance S1 requests that all attendance status is posted here Cutthroats only
Profiles CMC Profiles are posted here Cutthroats can post, all can read
CMC Ops Suggestions Suggestion box for future operations Cutthroats only

Newsgroup Name and Link
Access Level
Public films
Various interesting films posted for all to view
anyone can read, only Cutthroats may post
CMC Film Repository
Classified CMC films are posted here
Cutthroats only